Changelog # 1 Test
Saturday, 14 April 2020
  • Major optimization changes! You'll feel the difference in the evenings.
  • Fixed some more doors players were still able to run through after a relog.
  • Fixed herbs & nodes sometimes spawning on the same spot.
  • Added some surprise event for Easter.
  • Implemented max guild size (600 members).
  • Reduced crit chance suppression against boss targets from 4.8% to 1.8%.
  • Fixed some case of creatures not playing the swimming animation correctly when swimming.
  • Implemented .
  • Fixed some cases of players being wrongly kicked.
  • Fixed a bug with the unread mail count not shown properly if you have more than 255 unread mails. And yes some people apparently do have that many.
  • Fixed doing 0 damage (appearing as "Miss") when target has applied.
  • Fixed not proccing off .
  • Fixed parry haste formula rounding errors.
  • Updated mining and herb pools to always have 40% of their available resources up (up from 25%).
  • Fixed not being usable.
  • Adjusted the proc rate of .
  • Hunter
    • Fixed ranks of stacking with different levels of .
    • Removed threat from proc.
    • Fixed and triggering on periodic area auras (such as ).
    Battlegrounds and Arenas
    • Fixed one Arathi Basin cemetery not properly teleporting ghost players when the node is taken.
    • Fixed Eye of the Storm incorrect messages when losing a point.
    • Fixed a bug where the max rating difference would be ignored in matchmaking for arena games.
    • Tweaked pathing around Ruins of Lordaeron Tomb to allow more consistent charges and pet pathing.
    Instances and Raids
    • Fixed 5man dungeons showing "This raid will reset in...".
    • Restrict Karazhan books like to Karazhan.
    • Fixed some altars summoning spells in various vanilla instance.
    • Fixed locked chest like not being unlocked for everyone when someones uses a key on them.
    • Many fixes and adjustments to SSC.
    • Fixed BRD's event.
    • Fixed Warrior's T5 bonus.
    • Fixed animal bosses not saving players to a Karazhan ID.
    • Fixed behavior.
    • Improved despawn logic for last boss events in Old Hillsbrad Foothills.
    • Fixed Coilfang Reservoir trash packs not being linked to their respective bosses.
    • Added more grace period to 's .
    • Improved 's targeting.
    • Fixed a few doors in UBRS.
    World and Quests
    • Fixed dates for Darkmoon Faire
    • Fixed not returning to the Dark Portal when respawning.
    • Fixed minor issues with 's reset.
    • Added missing to its respective vendors.
    • Fixed missing and .
    • Removed experience from , , .
    • Fixed not despawning
    • Removed from .
    • Updated script.
    • Fixed Dark Portal event not respawning in his correct spot.
    • Updates respawn timer for .
    • Added a missing graveyard and in Barrier Hills (above Shattrath).
    • Added more protection to 's reset.
    • Added and to their respective trainers.
    • Added more chance for to contain .